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Stadium company directors named

The general manager of Saatchi and Saatchi New Zealand, the chief executive of Silver Fern Farms and a former High Court judge have been appointed directors of the company that will run the Forsyth Barr Stadium, and other Dunedin venues.

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Trust’s annual meeting more relaxed this year

The Otago Community Trust’s annual meeting last night was a subdued affair, despite a year when its investments were hit by the global financial crisis and it awarded its biggest grant – $7 million to the Forsyth Barr Stadium at the University Plaza.

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Legal threat over stadium website

Legal action may be taken over acrimonious comments posted on a website dedicated to discussing Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Full article: websites and defamation

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Group to face hefty legal bill

Stop the Stadium faces paying up to $17,000 in court costs, after its challenge to the Dunedin City Council’s funding of the Forsyth Barr Stadium was yesterday dismissed.

Full article: we are disappointed with the result

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Dunedin stadium appeal rejected

“I think I would have felt very sorry for Stop the Stadium if they had won this because they would have been crucified,” says Malcolm Farry, the Stadium Trust chairman.

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STS statement re Appeal decision

STS is disappointed with the Wellington Court of Appeal result but pleased the action has forced the Dunedin City Council to admit that what they told the Christchurch High Court was wrong and the Council, NOT the Central Government, are making up the $13 million shortfall.
STS would like to thank our legal team, Len Andersen, Hilary Calvert and Katie Lane for their sterling efforts to bring some light to this case before the courts.
We also thank our devoted members and the majority of the general public for their never ending support to fight a clearly unpopular project.

View PDF of decision: Injunction Appeal Decision

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Stadium construction viewing stand mooted

A public viewing platform may be built to accommodate the interest in the construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.

Full article: watch the white elephant grow

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Hobbs: NZRU won’t go bust

New Zealand rugby isn’t about to go broke, but chairman Jock Hobbs admits it will have to write a big cheque after hosting the Rugby World Cup.

Full article: Forecasted World Cup loss blows out

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STS denies own rules breached

The Dunedin City Council took on Stop the Stadium’s processes at the Court of Appeal in Wellington this week, claiming the group did not stick to the rules within its own constitution.

Full article: rules had been followed

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$66 a year ‘demonstrably incorrect’

An assurance the Forsyth Barr Stadium will cost the average ratepayer no more than $66 a year cannot be true, when other costs for the project have increased, Stop the Stadium’s counsel Len Anderson says.

Full article: likely contribution would be twice that amount

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Carisbrook purchase riles Dunedin residents

For those Dunedin ratepayers unhappy with the cost of building the new rugby stadium , it looks like they’ll also be forking out millions more to buy the ground the stadium replaces.

Podcast: Listen to MP3

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