Frequently Asked Questions about Stop the Stadium

  1. Isn’t it too late to stop the stadium?
    No. There are several points at which the stadium project could fall over. The Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council have given their support subject to conditions which have not yet been met. These include the Carisbrook Stadium Trust signing a contract for construction below $165M and finding $55M of private funding. The DCC has not been granted permission to rezone the land for the stadium. That can only happen after a round of public submissions on the proposed district plan change which will not be complete until December, and if the commissioner’s decision is appealed, after consideration by the Environment Court.
  2. Why does Stop the Stadium oppose something that will make Dunedin a vibrant, progressive, prosperous city?
    We simply don’t believe that the stadium will do that; quite the opposite. For the small amount of social and economic public good that might result, the cost from the public purse is phenomenal. Of the $188M $198M price tag, the community will pay nearly $140M ($91.4M from the DCC, $37.5M from the ORC, $10M $7M from Community Trust of Otago). The inevitable cost overruns will be borne by the ratepayers as well. In putting all its financial eggs in the stadium basket the DCC is not future-proofing the city. It is ensuring it is helpless to respond to any future challenge.
  3. Is Stop the Stadium a subgroup of the Residents and Householders Association, a political party or any other lobby group?
    No. Some members are allied with other groups, but many have never protested anything until now. The only thing our members have in common is opposition to a stadium built with so much public money for so little public good. They are of all ages, of all political colours and from all walks of life. Some want to see Carisbrook retained and upgraded. Some are worried the unfair rates burden will cause severe suffering, especially with the country in recession. Others predict factors like climate change and rising oil prices will affect the stadium and our ability to pay for it. Many believe councillors relied on partial and misleading information from the CST, and that the DCC is providing misleading information about the likely burden on ratepayers.
  4. Isn’t Stop the Stadium just a bunch of anti-rugby spoilers?
    No. We have ardent rugby fans among our ranks. And as CST chairman Malcolm Farry has said himself, the stadium is not just about rugby.
  5. Isn’t Stop the Stadium abusing legal processes so the stadium won’t be built in time for the Rugby World Cup?
    No. We refute this extraordinary claim from Malcolm Farry.
    • See above. Delaying the stadium, for rugby or any other reason, isn’t the point. We don’t think it is in the best interests of Dunedin to build it at all.
    • To be in time for the Rugby World Cup the CST should have got the plan change process rolling sooner. In making submissions on the plan change Stop the Stadium is simply following the timetable set down by the DCC and, if it becomes necessary, by the Environment Court.
    • It is not an abuse of legal processes for citizens to participate in them. It is a right.
  6. The DCC and ORC have given the stadium the green light. That’s democracy. Why don’t you just accept it?
    See 1. There is no green light until the conditions are met. Also, councils can and do make bad decisions, and in a democracy there are avenues for legitimate protest which we are exercising in the hope of stopping this madness while there is yet time. Voting the pro-stadium councillors out at the next election would be cold comfort.
  7. Didn’t several polls show the public supported the stadium?
    No. DCC mail survey 59.3% NOT prepared to pay for it.
    ORC mail survey 56% NOT prepared to pay for it.
    DCC phone survey 48.1% NOT prepared to pay for it.
  8. What will another poll achieve?
    DCC and ORC councillors who voted for the stadium believe a "silent majority" is behind them, while we believe most people oppose putting so much public money into the stadium. We believe only a truly independent scientific survey can settle this matter once and for all. As councillors consider whether the CST has met its obligations, it is important for them to know where public opinion lies.
  9. Can a survey funded by STS be truly objective?
    STS will commission the survey and will invite the CST, Our Stadium, the DCC and the ORC to help fund it and to vet the questions and the procedure in a truly collaborative approach. This way, all parties can be satisfied the survey is truly impartial. After this initial stage, all parties including STS will leave the work to the professionals.
  10. Why don’t you all just stop whining and totter off to the old folks’ home?
    Sorry, not until long after our work here is done. We love Dunedin and want to ensure its financial stability for the future.
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