About Us

Stop the Stadium
PO Box 1029
New Zealand


President Dave Witherow 03 489 3270
Vice President Gavin MacDonald
Media Contact Dave Witherow 03 489 3270
Treasurer Pat Johnston
Secretary Carol Sawyer 03 489 3270
Committee Members Rolf Feitscher
Lyndon Weggery
Darryl Ostrer
Webmaster Derek Gunn E-mail here

Join Us

The best way you can help us is by joining Stop the Stadium.

Print off a copy of: the Membership form

Stop the Stadium’s Internet banking details are:

Account Name: Stop the Stadium Inc

Account Number: 389008-0016614-01

Include your name and the word “Membership”

We encourage you to download the form, print off or e-mail to friends, family, neighbours and workmates who may be interested. This is a great way in which you can help our “people power” campaign. How we will succeed is by all our supporters getting involved – this is your campaign and your city!

Donations Only: if you wish to make a donation only, without becoming a member, please go to our donations page.

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