New name and focus – “Sort the System!”

At a special meeting on Sunday, we voted to change our name to Sort the System.
Our new objective is to ensure adverse impacts of the Forsyth Barr stadium being built in Awatea St are contained, as far as possible.

Click for detail.

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  1. Here’s exactly why justice should have prevailed in STS favour, in fact it shouldn’t have even gone as far as a court case. This is the sort of the stuff Mr. ‘We know Best’ (aka our ‘illustrious’ mayor) or his cohorts didn’t want us to see!,20797,25405779-952,00.html
    Consider also here it is backed by a huge population base so the tens of millions lost won’t be such a drain.
    This should put a cap on the derogatory slurs from the pro lot, conspiracy theorists especially, but I rather doubt it, alas, they are ‘always right’ and because of their hollow victories, it’s gone to their head.

    A great effort by all, Bev, Dave et al, who batted for this city and it’s interests, to stop this scandal. I was right behind you. But it would appear an alliance with the local rich old boys and government personal interests, mateships to boot, was the cause of a ‘rubber stamping’.

    You acquitted yourselves well and with honour, and can be justly proud for your actions, which had justice been right and true, would have been an easy victory.

    All the best for next year, will be right behind you as always.

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