Debate on StS

We denigrate ourselves when we insult and attack each other.
It makes us none the wiser and only reinforces our prejudices.

  • Use facts and logic as your weapons.
  • Challenge those that disagree over our “10 facts
  • Put together 10 new reasons on why certain councillors should not be reelected.

We’ll all feel better about ourselves!

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  1. To little to late sts.Any group that has as its members, people that may have vandalised a schools artwork is pretty low indeed.

  2. What school is this i would like to go and look, To be honost this is Low, and the truth be told if you want your rates to stay at a reasonable level then vandilism isnt and will never help, how does the school feel and if some of you guys are running for mayor why would anyone at that school vote for you knowing that they have vandilised there school.

    I think if you want to get into the office to shut down the stadium a profesinal attitud will be needed

  3. Have u proof pat or as most things with sts is it just hearsay. SHOW US THE FILM!!!!

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