“Sort The System”

“Sort the System” has been chosen by Stop the Stadium’s committee as the new name for the organisation, part of changes to the constitution members will be asked to vote on this Sunday.

President Dave Witherow stated STS would not run candidates during next year’s local government elections but would promote “good governance” and get rid of those councillors who had supported the stadium.

ODT article

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  1. Post by Elizabeth Kerr on her website:
    “Since STS have every intention of footing candidates at the 2010 local body elections, the good people of Dunedin should seriously consider the kind of peril the election of these individuals would bring to the council, the local economy, business development, community relations and the position this region occupies in the national and international contexts. We can’t afford to take their risk.”

    This is a classic example of the kind of invective Elizabeth
    Kerr has used on her website against Stop the Stadium and its leaders. What follows here has been removed from that website, but now follows nicely from this STS thread. Elizabeth has attempted to remove the following posts very quickly and has now closed off all further comments. I consider it important to ‘let the light shine’ here because she has maintained she is against the stadium, but has periodically tried to damage STS with her vicious comments. Curious, but once you read below her reasons become clear. Her partner in this venture and website owner, Paul le Comte, who is a pro stadium acolyte, has been equally destructive.

    My response to her above comment.
    In response to points made by you above.
 You resigned your membership of STS, that is correct.You resigned as planning co-ordinator from the committee after you didn’t get your own way with employing a planner for the Plan Change hearings to the tune of $9k plus from Planit. The MAJORITY on the committee voted against this. You had threatened to resign beforehand if we did not follow your opinion. However, we did ask that you resign as a committee member.
You will also recall that you provided another option to employing a planner. Namely, yourself. Your idea was to avoid a conflict of interest by resigning from the committee. You said your services would not be gratis as you would lose income from other jobs because of the time commitment. You wanted to be paid $100 per hour. Except for one person on the committee, no one supported this. In fact, we were most uncomfortable with this proposition as a voluntary organisation. Funnily enough, during the plan change hearings, you were virtually a constant presence there, listening to other submissions- as reported by the ODT.

  2. Peter is having a lot of misguided fun, and I have lined up my options in fine contemplation.

  3. A dim memory too, I recommended against STS ‘hiring’ me (to paraphrase). That’s how serious I was about taking on the preparation and research of the STS submission to the plan change hearing.

    Did someone miss the humour plot.

  4. Elizabeth Kerr was always an out spoken opponent of the stadium until she met Paul le Comte and became his other voice on his website. A website that I believe was financed by the CST, Yeah the ratepayers.
    Since then she has criticised everything that STS has done.
    She’s entitled to have her bitchy sessions but she didn’t have to drag the whole establishment down with her.
    I’m sure that those at CST don’t agree with each other all the time but they have kept their disagreements private.
    For the sake of their communities, why did Elizabeth and others not choose to do the same?

  5. I am personally inclined to take your word for this (we would never know anyhow). I do remember a discussion on your site between yourself and Russell where you mentioned you’d had a few beers with the CST. This is your business of course and I’m sure you all had a great time. All I’m saying is what I observe in terms of connections between people- their communities of interest like common goals etc. The same goes, in another context, when you observe the community of directorships that are dished around in the community. Same old faces appearing together as companies form, then dissolve, then reform again under new names. Granted one and one doesn’t necessarily make two as far as this is concerned, but…..interesting…. nevertheless. Of course it works the other way and one could make connections with the anti stadium types I have been hanging out with. (Though there are no pecuniary interests involved). Of course some, like Elizabeth, fall by the wayside for reasons stated above.

  6. Misguided fun, Elizabeth? If we zoom back to the beginning of this thread your initial post does not come across as funny to me. Maybe I lack a sense of humour. You started this line of argument and, to your surprise, I entered into the discussion that followed. You can’t blame me for this.
    ‘I have lined up my options in fine contemplation’ ( watch out for pomposity again, Elizabeth). Maybe one option could be to apologise for the nastiness that has dogged your website from its inception.I note some of your more reasonable/intelligent posters have seemingly dropped off – for now at least.

  7. Caz, get your facts right. I have never ONCE taken a single dollar from anyone, organisation, charity or trust – officially or unofficially for the What If site.

    However I am more than happy for the above false (and defamatory) statement to stand, as it’s the public who will be judging this line of argument.

  8. “you mentioned you’d had a few beers with the CST”

    It’s very simple, they had a launch for guests once when the Green Light was given by the Council, and I was invited along. First and only time I have met many of the people there and FYI I bought my own drinks.

    I’ve had the “funded by ratepayer” thing thrown at me several times in the past, which is very boring. It’s a completely non profit, non funded blog about the stadium, incorporating pro and anti stadium discussion – couldn’t be more simple than that.

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