Stop the Stadium to pay court costs

Stop the Stadium has been ordered to pay almost $10,000 court costs following its unsuccessful High Court bid in April to stop Dunedin’s ill-conceived stadium project.

Full article: the cost of trying to save Dunedin

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  1. I wonder how much the DCC has wasted of rate payer money to pay for champagne breakfasts, restaurant lunches and dinners, end of week booze ups with the CST, and CST road shows around the province, and elsewhere, to TRY and raise private sector money for the stadium? We’ll never know exactly of course because the CST is a trust and they don’t legally have to divulge. The DCC has given them this protection when it was set up.I bet the total bill has come to more than $9740! Did I forget the windfall given to the landowners of the stadium site? What has Jim Harland got to say about all this bleeding of rate payer money? What’s his own salary again?

  2. The problem with Dunedin people is that so many of them are so conservative and they havn’t wanted to ‘rock the boat’ Instead they have allowed the DCC and the CST to walk all over them. And so many of them have been talked into believing that it has been STS that has wasted their money.
    This present council will keep rates to a manageable level until the next elections. Then the ratepayers of Dunedin will discover that the $66 a year that they were promised that they would have to pay for the stadium will instead turn into $666 a year.
    Then they will blame a new council.
    And Farry and Chin will become as extinct as the moas are.

  3. $666 a year? Projections are there to see for all. Do you people actually believe what you are saying?

  4. You need a sense of humour, Max.
    The point made by Caz is that the $66 pa is bulls**t. The $666 figure is using hyperbole in an amusing way especially with its ‘devil connotations’, but her point is valid that this project is a money-eater. Farry said the other day that, so far, the project is ‘on budget’, but acknowledges it’s early days. Two points:
    1. Why should we believe him given his track record of spurious commitments to the rate-payers?
    2. He has talked about a Guaranteed Maximum Price. If that is so, then the project will be ‘on budget’ regardless till the project has been finished. If not, point one is truer than ever.

  5. STS had all the facts and figures right but the DCC pulled the wool over the first high court judges eyes.
    That high court judge was also too tired to read through all the facts that were placed before him.
    Then the other high court judges agreed with the first judge.
    That Farry can make a profit from the poor.
    That Cairns can still get to claim ‘The sheriff of Nottingham’ award
    And that Peter Chin is still in the running for a knighthood for his services to the community.

  6. ‘Sir Peter Chump’ no doubt!

    • should it also be

      sir pat the fat cat

      i do mean sir

      u insult people i can too

  7. Do you guys have nothing else to do? IS STS dead, out money having to pay this bill that they racked up them selfs.

    I have a Question for the locals. Why are you always in a hurry in this small town. You can see the other side of Dunedin from the middle it takes about 15min to cross one side to the other, Slow down people there is no hurry! I would like an answer as to what your hurry is, and also why you run red lights???

    STS is DEAD

    Stadium being built is alive

  8. b’side, are you still taking your medication?

    • Hay pat

      my medicaion just run out ill go get some more!



  10. There are bigger probelms in New Zealand then a New stadium

    for example ACC levies are we all happy paying an xtra is it 165 per year on car rego? compare that to 66 a year for ya rates which one would you prefer to pay if you had to pick one.
    If u got a 600cc + moterbike 700 and something dollars are we all happy with that.

    Thats why this club is a waste of time and there are bigger worries out there then a Club where people get upset cause they got pay $1 per week for a new stadium for there pathetic city! booo hoooo poor you

  11. B’side, Do you have problems with figures too? Dunedin citizens will, as you know, be paying for the Stadium via their rates (But where did you conjure up the figure only $1pw?) Were you not aware that ALL Dunedin Citizens, including those paying rent have electricity bills to pay?
    Have you heard of line charges b’side? Line charges are set by Aurora Electricity and their subsidiary Delta.
    They are both DCC Companies.
    The DCC has announced that DCC Holdings will be paying at least $3,000,000 (three million dollars b’side) per year for the next 40 years, towards the stadium. Since the only DCC company that makes a profit is Aurora, this money will be sourced through YOURS mine and everyone’s line charges.

    Were you and Calc asleep when this announcement was made? Certainly the Airport will not be making any contributions… They have made a $1,000,000 loss this year! You poor deluded buggers!

  12. Hi Pat I used to be able to caluclate before I moved to Dunedin! but since ive been living in Dunedin its all gone down hill a big slide like the share market crash, its what Dunedin does to you the city is dead, and it also makes you brain dead, what more can i say!

    here back from you soon!

  13. It is absolutely no wonder STS wants to change its name. I have had numerous people who live outside Dunedin comment to me on what a Mickey Mouse outfit it is – one only has to ‘Google’ Stop the Stadium to visit their website and see what they (don’t) have to offer. Tedious exchanges regarding bread, medication etc etc. I can only hope they put someone up at next year’s elections – it will be like watching Melissa Lee, the National candidate in the recent Mt Albert by-election, whom, numerous times while being interviewed, actually forgot her party policies mid-sentence and asked to start again.
    STS, please provide Dunedinites with the same level of entertainment next October!

  14. Hi Matty
    If you want a blog where real stadium debate takes place, try googling on frog-blog + stadium
    It’s the Greens’ blog and they have posters both for and against. (Though mostly against I have to admit.) If you only want to moan about anti-stadium people though, give it a miss.

  15. Matty

    Your ‘outside Dunedin’ friends are obviously unaware of the depth of what is happening in this city on a wide number of fronts. Your take on STS is a political stance after all – all done in the spirit of political jostling. Fair enough. If you think pro-stadium councillors, who follow orders and don’t read their council papers because they have “bought the dream”, (and that’s good enough for them), are the kind of councillors you want back in 2010, that’s your option.
    Talking about 2010, has anyone else seen the posters on the grey boxes that are on the footpaths of our streets? I saw one in the Queens Gardens. It read Vote them out October 2010 Simple black lettering on a white background. Any others?

  16. Hi Matty
    Your ‘outside Dunedin’ friends obviously don’t read NZ magazines and newspapers.
    I read an article in a farming magazine today
    Read the words from the editor….
    “Dumb and dumber
    If there is a prize for New Zealand’s most dysfunctional local-government organisation,the Dunedin City Council must be well in the running for it”

  17. Dysfunctional? I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. One only has to read the ‘Sort the System’ thread on this website to realise which organisation is dysfunctional.

    Stadium opponents have been so busy squabbling amongst themselves, their plight was doomed from the start. Woeful strategy, poorly executed. Anyone with half a brain could have stopped the stadium project in its tracks long ago if they had really wanted to, by appealing to mainstream society. STS never embraced this fact, and its internal squabbling and the extreme left-wing image it portrayed meant it was always destined to fail. Image and perception amongst ‘mainstream’ voters are EVERYTHING in politics.

    Out of interest, which farming magazine do you refer to, Caz?

  18. What a wonderful lot we have here commentating. Bside admits he’s brain dead and then we have Matty_S indicating he only has half a brain. No wonder the city is in the situation it is.

    • Gosh, Calvin Oaten playing the man rather than the ball. As the Mitre 10 kid would say, “no surprises there”.

      • I agree

        Not No suprises means there is no suprise this has happened this is Dunedin what can you expect a dead city going under water, Dunedin is sinking very fast.

    • And what do we have here some one called Calvin Oaten why would you publish your name on this site, You also must have part of your brain missing from living in Duendin for to long

      Why are u Insulting people is it cause STS is Dead this club has no hope, no need for comments like that Calvin.

  19. Matty

    The stadium was never a left vs right issue. There are members of STS across the political spectrum. Don’t you remember that Act, the Greens and the Alliance all officially came out against the stadium. There were also Labour and National people in our ranks. So what isn’t mainstream if you include all these people? Do you still maintain there is a majority for the stadium? Despite the university poll where almost 80% were against the stadium? I suspect the opposition has grown especially now the rates bills are starting to hit.

    You remind me of one of those poor whites in the States who still believe in America as the paragon of democracy despite their support for corrupt dictatorial regimes. You obviously believe in the merit of voting for councillors who have trampled over our little ‘democracy’ here despite the widespread opposition to the stadium. Haven’t you noticed how the anger has grown with other issues as well where the council is now rudderless?
    Dysfunctional? You only have to look at the DCC.

    I will take your point though, that our own internal problems didn’t help us as we should have brought things to a head much sooner and not be left with one hand behind our back. In the end, it wouldn’t have made any difference given the supreme arrogance of the DCC and ORC.

  20. ACT, Greens and the Alliance eh? Surely if ACT was so against the stadium, the Minister of Local Govt would intervene. That leaves a left wing-party and a party without representation in Parliament.

    If 80% are vehemently opposed, why didn’t we see that flow through in last year’s general election? After all, it is the biggest ever issue in Dunedin, so surely the Green Party candidates should have romped in, given their explicit opposition and the fact that
    the local National MP had stated his support for the stadium, while the Labour MP has, to my knowledge, remained ambiguous on the issue.

  21. Matty,
    A bit of a political lesson for you, my boy:

    • 1) Local politics is different to national politics with wider issues involved with the former.
    • 2) Rodney Hide has not acted because I guess he has bigger fish to fry like the Auckland City council. Also ministers of all persuasions are invariably captured by their departments Dunedin doesn’t feature politically. Labour has it sown up here so doesn’t have to work for its vote. National has conceded that vote as far as I can see and, hell, why worry when it is the Auckland vote it needs to capture.
    • 3) There is not A Labour MP. There are three- Curran, Hodgson and Parker. All three are for the stadium.
    • Peter, I am aware of the difference between local and national politics, though not so sure you understand the difference between ‘former’ and ‘latter’?

      My point was that surely, if as stadium opponents have long claimed, the stadium issue was the biggest issue ever to face Dunedin, this would have been reflected in Dunedin’s electorate voting at the general election? After all, when all candidates were profiled by the ODT shortly before the election, they were asked about six key issues for the area – one of them being the stadium.

      Surely, Dunedin Labour voters (80% of whom are presumably against the stadium), and knowing fully well that National had the election sown up, could have sent their local candidates a strong message by voting Green or Alliance? Would seem logical to me.

      Also, to all those stadium knockers who claim rugby is ‘dead’, did you notice how many people turned up at Invercargill Airport today, during working hours, to welcome the Southland rugby team home? Reportedly 3,000, which is twice as many people as turned up to a meeting (after working hours) in opposition to stadium. Rubgy is alive and well in the south.

  22. Hi Matty
    You don’t usually vote on one local issue in a national election. Did you specifically vote for candidates, for the stadium, in the general election? I didn’t.

    No rugby is not ‘dead’, but it looks like it’s dying. Did you see the excellent leading letter to the ODT a couple of days ago? The writer makes sense though I wouldn’t agree with more money being spent on the game by our politicians. The NZRFU has gouged enough public money and squandered it. The local scene is a classic example.

    How many turned up at Carisbrook last weekend for the ‘big’ game? 2500 approximately? Not good, you’d have to admit. You think a new stadium is going to make any difference? It’s going to look kind of empty with those figures. That’s where support for rugby counts as you well know. Is it possible that in 50-100 years time rugby will be as strong as petanque in this country?

  23. Peter, that is the beauty of MMP. You can vote for the person you believe will best represent your electorate, regardless of which party you actually support.

    To answer your question, yes, I did use my electorate vote on the basis of the stadium, afterall it was the biggest local issue, whereas my party vote was the complete opposite. In most cases, the support for these candidates actually decreased when compared to the votes the party picked up in the respective electorates.

    Don’t forget we’re constantly told 80% of Dunedin people are dead against the BIGGEST single issue in Dunedin. Surely those people would want their LOCAL MP to share their philosophy, regardless on which party they voted for.

    Yet, in Dunedin South the three candidates you mention above to state their opposition to the stadium received 8% of the vote, and 14% in Dunedin North.

    I agree that 2,500 was a disappointing turnout. I agree that building a stadium alone isn’t the answer to turning around crowd numbers in the main centres. I believe the NZRU needs to renegotiate a deal with broadcasters where games are not shown live on TV in the location venue, and less night games etc etc.

    However, personally I am as big a fan of football as rugby, and would love to see the expansion of the Australian/NZ league into Dunedin in future, with Forsyth Barr Stadium becoming a main home venue for the All Whites and an A-League team.

  24. Oh, Miserable Matty is back…. What a relief! It is so amusing and unusual to have the pro-white elephant stadium letter writers lifted from the usual two or three tedious misinformed twerps to three or four equally dreary and ignorant morons. Your letters are always so full of bile Matty; I really think you need some cheering up. May I recommend the new cartoons posted on this site?
    I see Elizabeth (is it Kerr or Quisling?) is also back. Are you coming to the next STS member’s meeting Elizabeth? I recommend that you arrive heavily disguised. You could come as one of two sympathetic historical figures’ Lord HawHaw, or Benedict Arnold.

    • You are full of insults Pat, why do you like insulting people so much does it make you feel better about your self, boost your selfesteam. Do you have to be a member of STS what does STS really stand for Some tight ass scruges. What can ya do If you like insulting so much and a member of a club maybe you should all get patchs like the Mungrel Mob cause there a club your a club whats the diffrence you go out there ive seen some grafet of STS suporters what animals you guys are, animals and people who insult people what a bunch of arrogent sods you are grow up get a life move on stadiums being build and STS is dead. no future here i just come here to piss you jokers off. I find it amusing that this club was even founded.

      I bet all you people shop at op shops for second hand stuff and like in houses with mould and fungas, as this city is full of rotting houses this is a poor township with no future

      the end is near for Duendin to Die,

      STS is dead

      should be called Stop the stupid stadium supporters

      STSSS and not STS

  25. Another point, Matty. You say,’Rugby is alive and well in the south’.I’d add the adjective ‘deep’ before the word ‘South’. That would be more correct to say given the present troubles here in Otago.

    3000 people turned out at Invercargill Airport? That all! After a fifty year wait too, to regain the shield. For a game that used to be like a religion in NZ this figure isn’t THAT impressive. It’s like numbers that used to turn out for royal visits. The Queen, on her last visit,took a stroll down to Kaikorai Valley to visit Tamahine Knitwear and life went on around her and time didn’t stand still. Times and fashions change and we have to ‘move on’ as they say.

  26. The population of Invercargill is 5000 though so a 3000 turn out is really good this in 10 years the population of Dunedin is going to be 20000, life expentesy will be 45 there is no hope in this dirty filthy town. Im looking forward to leaving you jokers for ever and ever. I dont even use the black rubish bags i through my rubbish in the street cause this city is a tip.

    What more can i say!

  27. “What more can i say”
    I’m sure you won’t find that hard, Bside.
    Are you for real?

  28. “Are you for real?”. Peter, I have already asked b’side that question.
    Actually, I think he may be one of ours, posing as a screwball on the pro-stadium side! I mean, what an inventive and successful way of discrediting those who support the stadium! No one could write such garbage and mean to be taken seriously.
    However, if he is pro-stadium, as he presents himself to be, Matty and her/his friends must be desperately hoping he will be expediciously infected with lockjaw! With friends like b’side, who needs enemies?!

    • You might be onto something there, Pat, I’ve always had the suspicion that B’side is in fact your alter-ego. Any truth in that?

      I had a look at your cartoons on this website. Not bad, although I thought Tremain’s take on the 30-second walk away commercial was the pick of the bunch of late.

  29. I see Dave Witherow is not taking any responsibility for the disgusting graffiti on the construction wall of the stadium and the fact the same Stadium opponent saw fit to graffiti the school these children cam from, it beggars belief. For Gods sake its a kids painting!!! get some persepctive. His lack of responsibility for this crime is akin to a Gang leader saying “its not our fault our supporters commit crimes”. I read he thought the crime was the Stadium, however no law has been broken, so this clearly isn’t the case. Much like not paying your rates, which I beleive was a tactic you espoused, crime is bad no matter who it effects, but Children? Really ?

  30. Calc

    How can a man take responsibility for something he didn’t, nor would, do? No one knows exactly who did this. It could conceivably be the act of someone who is actually pro stadium. Why would an anti stadium person write the initials ‘STS’ on the Ravensbourne School fence? You’d have to be pretty dumb to do that. It looks possible to me that a smearing of STS was intended. (Remember the council wants to shut the voice of STS down) Sometimes such acts are done to take the heat off those who are being heavily criticised for the stadium- and other unpopular council actions. Let’s see if the police can catch the culprit.

    • I won’t comment on the “pretty dumb to do that” as i’ve seen and read some pretty dumb actions by this organisation over the last few months. Given this, As you point our repeatedly, the Stadium is going ahead and the battle to stop it has long since been lost. What is there to gain from a Pro-stadium supporter doing this? You seem to think that a stadium supporter cares deeply enough about your presence that they would do this, and provide ammunition for the latest in your conspiracy theories that the world is out to get you. Trust me they don’t care about you to go that far. As far as the council trying to “shut you up” I think the spurious legal challenges and poorly organised attacks, personal and otherwise, on the CST members has done your organisation more damage that i think you can imagine in the face of the public. So Council doesn’t really need to get involved in yor self destructive path. To clame that Mr Witherow wouldn’t agree with the tactic is to claim that the last elections didn’t reflect the true opinion of this City (Butler, Oaten, Vandervis, Weggory et al)

  31. Haha all this moping around complaining about an insignificant rates increase for a state of the art stadium has failed and all you have got is a big fine. Jolly good show I hope none of you ever enter the wonderfull stadium, although im sure you will and no doubt half of you will turn around and say how great it is. I think you need to give up, dont change the name of your little organisation just delete it you embarress yourselves. You failed miserably with stop the stadium what makes you think you could change anything else? What you fail to realise is most people supported the stadium, unfortunately it was only you lot of vocal complainers who attempted to derail one of the best things to happen for Dunedin in many years.

    • Well said, goodbye and good riddance, enjoy raising the court costs you have forced on your long suffering and (if you’re to be beleived) poverty stricken members.

      • I second that J.E

        STS is dead

  32. Another erudite post by a pro-stadium supporter. This time, J.e, who sounds awfully like Bside.
    Sorry to disappoint you J.e, I won’t be one of those who turn around and say what a wonderful stadium it is after all. I for one, will boycott it.

  33. Which is, to use one of your favourite terms, your “democratic” right. I don’t think that you would be missed.

  34. Nope Matty,
    I suggest instead that,(judging by the abysmal standard of written English ie. spelling, grammar etc.), Calc or j.e may be the “alter ego” of B’side you speak of.
    Their standard of English is so lamentably sub-standard, instead of watching rugby, I sincerely recommend that they join a remedial class that teaches basic literacy skills.

  35. Peter Peter Peter

    What can you do to to stop the stadium list some ideas! Any i reckon you got none

  36. B’side,
    Haven’t you heard, haven’t you read, hasn’t it sunk into that addled brain of yours? Read this carefully B’side; I shall try to keep it simple:
    ‘Stop the stadium’ has recognised that regrettably, stopping the construction of the stadium, (unless this monument to Rugby and profligate spending sinks into the reclaimed sand and silt of its building site), is most likely a lost cause. Therefore, the emphasis has shifted to making sure that the ‘parasitic empire builders’ and grandiose, self serving and trough snuffling councillors of the current administration are voted out of, their lucrative, cushy council boards and seats.
    Furthermore, don’t get your knickers in a twist about graffiti on the wall surrounding Chin’s Bin/Farry’s Folly, after all, the DCC were planning to decorate it, but don’t seem to have found any of their own volunteers. Therefore, they and you should be grateful for the art work!

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