Combined action urged by Adie

The Dunedin Ratepayers and Householders Association has issued a call to arms, urging people to “wake up”, and join the organisation “before it is too late”.

Full article: to arms

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  1. Yes,
    Citizens of Dunedin who are being rorted by an out-of-control, spendthrift DCC surely do need to heed your ‘call to arms’ Syd.
    BUT, sad to say, people in this city are paralysed by their conservatism. ‘Nice’ people, regrettably will not get far with present tactics. The tactics used by citizens in Dunedin, those using democracy and reason will not prevail until these despots are removed by the ballot box. Meanwhile, they will do as they like, arrogantly flicking protest aside. The only method that will work , I believe, is civil disobedience by those who have ‘balls’ to take direct action. Remember the sit-ins of Vietnam protests occupation and disruption of Rugby matches during the Springboks tour? Likewise, we need to make our arrogant councillors ‘inconvenienced’ and publicly shamed. When they try to keep proceedings secret by going ‘into committee, we should invade the chamber, sit down and refuse to leave! We should serenade them outside their homes at night in shifts! All this should be peaceful and non-violent. We must get out of the mind-set of ‘Oh they will do it anyway! What’s the point of protesting further?’

  2. When I read the article about Syde Aiding calling for combine action by Stop the Stadium and the RPA to join forces .I think that is a good idea and I like Pat’s idea of having a sit in the DCC chambers in peacefull and non violent way. If that dose happen I would be keen to take part.

  3. Good to see the stadium rising up from the ground, its starting to take shape

    will be good to see it finaly build and the what will you ppl do go rip it down and sell the parts!

  4. I agree with you Pat. I believe it is going to be too late in a years time. I am prepared to do more than simply write. We have nothing to lose. Peaceful but active protest is called for.

  5. Sigh. no doubt I’m wasting my time trying to reason with someone who is both blinkered and semi-literate, but the point, bside, is NOT the structure (which, by the way will inevitably be compromised), but the COST, and the near impossibility of the money being recovered through profitable activity commercial activity. Try considering the fact that commercially hard-nosed Hilton cancelled plans to redevelop the former Chief Post Office. They don’t think it viable to attempt to operate a hotel in a place this size, in the current economic climate – how the hell can the loss-making ORFU expect to do so. Talk of concerts by international performers are nothing more than a pipe dream – Dunedin’s population base is not only too small, but the city has a very long track record of not buying tickets, so promoters don’t even bother with booking venues. Stadium proponents are fall into two camps – deluded wishful thinkers, and self-serving vested interests who will line their pockets with ratepayers money. The current council is rotten with both, and sadly the next election will not come soon enough to save us. This sick farce will be rued by everyone for decades to come.

    • I thought the Hilton project went under because the developer went bankrupt; nothing to do with Hilton pulling out – indeed Hilton stated at the time of the project collapse they still want to establish a hotel in Dunedin.

  6. Hilton wasn’t the “developer” for the former Chief Post Office. It was the Auckland-based McEwan Group that proposed adaptive reuse of the building as a hotel and apartment complex. This is well-documented in reports available in public domain.

    McEwan group became a victim of the credit crunch, and private investors in the project have suffered their losses.

    Meanwhile Hilton Hotels Australasia appears not to have ruled out Dunedin as a destination and location for a Hilton hotel – other sites are possible.

  7. I agree with you Pat, concerning the conservatism of Dunedin people with any form of protest. I know of many people who were supportive of the marches, but didn’t want to be seen marching downtown because of the fear of what other people might think of them! People prefer to wail, by and large, because they don’t have to do anything themselves. Better to leave it to others. Your comment ‘Oh they will do it anyway’ is common. All this is not helped by comments by people who know the stadium is a crock, but now say “let’s make the best of a bad thing” and, worse, “let’s get behind it”. Doesn’t do much for their credibility. It is not up to us to make the stadium work it is up to the proponents who have foisted this monstrous project on our city.It is not up to us to bail them out. The “creative” ideas for the stadium’s use, to help make it pay, have already been laughably highlighted by the CST’s own brainstorming ideas. Remember papal, royal and Dalai Lama visits. Remember speedway/motorcross (under a roof!) Remember ice skating and equestrian events? (Despite world class facilities already here for these sports) Remember making the stadium the world’s largest marae? The list goes on.We will now have to live with the stadium till either the Highlanders pack up their bags and /or we have a future council that has the balls to sell the stadium back to the NZRFU/ORFU and tell them that if they want a rugby team in this province they have to pay for it. Mind you, they will only buy back through a fire sale and we will still lose.I doubt whether any future government will bail Dunedin out. Why should they? Before long this stadium will be $400m plus and every cent will be filched from ratepayers to pay for it.

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