STS statement re Appeal decision

STS is disappointed with the Wellington Court of Appeal result but pleased the action has forced the Dunedin City Council to admit that what they told the Christchurch High Court was wrong and the Council, NOT the Central Government, are making up the $13 million shortfall.
STS would like to thank our legal team, Len Andersen, Hilary Calvert and Katie Lane for their sterling efforts to bring some light to this case before the courts.
We also thank our devoted members and the majority of the general public for their never ending support to fight a clearly unpopular project.

View PDF of decision: Injunction Appeal Decision

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  1. ohhhh dear yet another loss in the courts hope u people have deeeeeep pockets.

  2. I was worth it. Good work all of you.

  3. Yes, good work! The court found in favour of StS’s substantive point that the costs to council had increased by $13m since the long term plan was signed off. And it also found that the evidence before J Chisholm had wrongly indicated that this increased $13m was covered by the Government’s $15m. This finding has to be a moral victory for StS because it indicates that the city presented a misleading case to J Chisholm which calls into question the city’s honesty or its competence.

  4. you STS people are really odd

  5. jeez rosemary did you read the judgement? u r so far off the mark i just dont know where to begin ,so i wont.look get over it, you guys lost move on , moral victory yeah right.

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