Dunedin stadium appeal rejected

“I think I would have felt very sorry for Stop the Stadium if they had won this because they would have been crucified,” says Malcolm Farry, the Stadium Trust chairman.

Full article and good photo: here

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  1. A pretty revealing comment by Malcolm Farry.

  2. ever appel will be rejected no matter what STS does.

    you guys are clasified as people w enjoy waisting other peoples times

    • Yes, rubber stamping goes well, it seems, that’s depsite at the very time two cases of being caught out with extra undisclosed public funding came to light, just the very latest two cases of sneakies being pulled to railroad this futile white elephant onto us, autocracy is rife, it would appear.

      Wasting other people’s times? Gosh, as opposed to $260-odd million of people’s money? Like all pro-stadium, it holds about as much water as a colander.

  3. Hi bside,
    How is your mayoral campaign going?. You said you might be seeking election. If successful, Farry may endow you with a corporate, ratepayer funded box. He would not be adverse to a store mannequin as his council spokesman for the stadium. In that respect, you would be better in this role than Chin. As Dunedin stadium history shows, there are bound to be plenty of rewards for being a pliant ‘yes man’. Sit back in your box and enjoy the complementary Speights!

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