Hobbs: NZRU won’t go bust

New Zealand rugby isn’t about to go broke, but chairman Jock Hobbs admits it will have to write a big cheque after hosting the Rugby World Cup.

Full article: Forecasted World Cup loss blows out

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  1. How is this relevant to STS? The world cup will make millions for New Zealand, and the NZRFU is underwriting the costs. There will be 3 sell-out games at the new stadium, which could easily bring in tens of millions of dollars. And yes the games will sell out, as England brings 15,000 travelling supporters with them. Where will they be housed?? Hotels, motels, flights in, and cruise ships.

    • Max Power said England will be bringing 15,000 travelling supporters with them. Where oh where are these people going to be accommodated when we barely have enough accommodation to cover those who come to the Masters games? Flights he mentioned. Do these planes now have beds in them??????? Cruise ships only stay in port for around 12 hours. I should imagine there would be alot of disappointed supporters coming down to Port Chalmers only to find out that they have missed the boat.
      Has Max Power lost the plot or something?

      • Cruise ships are travelling the country following teams, such as england. It’s a fact. It’s happening.

  2. If the World Cup is going to make millions for New Zealand,
    think we can convince the NZRFU to provide refunds to each of us Dunedin ratepayers?

    It doesn’t seem fair that they should make a profit at our expense.

    • yankiwi, the money made will be business people. It will not be made by the NZRFU. The NZRFU are making a loss, and everyone else will make millions.

  3. “The Sunday Star-Times last week revealed the forecast loss associated with hosting the tournament had blown out from $30 million to $40m” yet we are expected to pay something like $90 million to build just one of the stadiums needed to host the cup. Where was the analysis by the DCC on the effect of taking $280 million out of the pockets of the community and subsidising rugby – a commercial game? Look at the number of shops closing on the main street and the number of commercial buildings for lease increasing at an alarming rate. Then the DCC decides to take away $280 million form those profitable Dunedin Businesses and send it to an unprofitable business rugby. Forsyth Barr Ltd how stupid are they. Subsidies don’t work it’s a basic economic fact proven by time. Yet Forsyth Barr support this. Who in there right mind would invest with an investment firm who believes in subsidies? This is all total madness it should not be forced onto the Dunedin Rate payers to pay for something that not even the New Zealand Government could afford. Yet the powers to be all conspire to place this demand on the Dunedin Rate payers no matter how how many times we say no we do now want this we can not afford this it is bad for the city. The banks should just remember Chin and his buddies are gone next election and maybe the DCC is not such a good risk for a loan.

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