Stadium could create more jobs than forecast

Construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium could create more jobs in Dunedin than first thought, Carisbrook Stadium Trust officials say.

Full article: perhaps over 600

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  1. What is the actual news story contained here? A prediction that jobs COULD be in excess of 600 at the stadium site, but no indication, exactly, what this is based on. This comment was contained in a CST report to council. How does Darren Burden distinguish between one week jobs, say,and ones that are more sustainable over a longer period? Question is, who seriously believes in the CST’s claims anymore. Remember, to start with- ‘not a cent over $188m’? You would expect the CST to be upbeat. They know a majority of the councillors will blindly follow, no questions asked.

    Interested in the piles comment. It is stated 300 plus piles have already been placed out of 500 odd. We have heard a different story re progress in placing of piles, but the information needs verification first.

  2. I would suggest that the different facts are a result of the ODT holding stories over for a slow news day.

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