Culvert on stadium site to be braced

A culvert carrying Opoho Stream under the Forsyth Barr Stadium construction site in Dunedin is to be reinforced because of fears it could collapse under the weight of giant machinery at the site.

Full article: Reinforcing required

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  1. Gary Johnston claims they have known about this problem with the Leith Stream culvert and retaining walls for a while. Since when exactly? Has the cost of this work been factored in to the total cost of the stadium? Oh …yes…. that’s right…. Malcolm says there is a GMP (they’re on budget and thrilled to bits to be so) and, miraculously, problems such as this don’t cost anything more. It’s good that this has been reported by the ODT, but why don’t they get stuck into MF’s claims- as made to the Rotary Club in Oamaru? He is never dealt with, head on, by the ODT with his absurd claims. It’s as if these grown men are just too timid to really challenge him.

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