Mayor bullish on council record

The Dunedin City Council may be reeling from a barrage of criticism from an angry public, but Mayor Peter Chin says the decisions it has made to support major multimillion-dollar projects are the right ones.

Full article: big projects only construction activity

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  1. When I read the article in todays’s ODT I thought once again what a load of rubbish coming from mayor Peter Chin also I was thinking please do Dunedin a favour which is step down as mayor now.

  2. I noticed during the construction of the Chinese Gardens that workers were shipped in from Shanghai, and were staying at a nearby hotel.
    After watching for some days, I noticed that they were rank and file moved out of their accommodation to work long hours on the site, and back at night.

    After talking to some of these workers, I found out that they were being paid next to nothing, in strict violation of NZ labour and employment laws.
    Furthermore, some of them appeared to be penal labour conscripts.

    I am wondering if Mayor Chin could please go on the record here and confirm that penal labour was used in the construction of the Chinese Gardens, and at pay rates unacceptable with NZ Law?

  3. No one wishes to comment here about corrupt-chin?

    You people had better wake up, and stand up for your rights, or be forever silenced.

  4. There are many people who are concerned about corrupt-chin BammBamm, but until the next elections, there is very little that any one of them can do. Politicians in this country are a law unto themselves and we as taxpayers and ratepayers are just considered “the fools who pay their wages”
    Politicians, both central and local government, would have to be the greatest liars and bulls**ters in this country.
    Our prisons aren’t full of criminals.
    The criminals are the ones who steal legally from us day after day; the politicians.

  5. Yes, because politicians make so much money compared to board members, company directors etc in the private sector. Why don’t some of you who continually whinge actually stand at the next elections yourselves if you think the incumbents are so incapable? Time will tell, but I will be very surprised if the majority of the “pro-stadium” councillors are not returned to power if they choose to stand again.

  6. The DCC have made a hash of everything they’ve done since they’ve been in office, getting well paid by the ratepayers that they don’t give a stuff about and if they’re voted in again then the ratepayers have only got themselves to blame.

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