Stop the Stadium gets date for Court of Appeal hearing

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler still hopes the Forsyth Barr Stadium can be stopped, despite construction proceeding on the site, with a Wellington Court of Appeal hearing taking place at 10AM 18-Aug-2009.

Full article: Never too late

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  1. In today’s (Monday’s) sports section of the London Daily Telegraph, there is a lengthy article on the need for sustainability in modern sports stadia: ‘New generation stadium designers go green.’ The main venue for the World Games held in Taiwan last month had 8884 solar panels, it is reported, enough to provide 100% of the power needed. Now, when not in use for the stadium, the power will be sold to the local grid, meeting ‘…80% of the local area’s energy needs.’

    More stadiums will be redeveloped rather than new ones built, the article suggests. ‘…clever use’ will be made of existing arenas, such as wsa the case with the 1936 berlin Olympic venue, remodelled a few years agao for the FIFA World Cup. A British architect is quoted as saying: ‘I think it could be that the age of … huge, rather pompous stadiums is a thing of the past.’ ‘We’re looking at “embodied” energy, too. That is, the toal amount of energy required to build the stadium and that will be used in its lifetime.’ (In the average 50 year lifetime of a stadium it will be used for about 1.5 years, the article says.)

    No ‘clever’ remodelling of Carisbrook, however. And any solar panels at the ‘state of the art’ ‘Big P’?

    • I hope the appeal against the stadium goes well in Wellington. I have biked by the site few times and it makes me very ashmed to be a citzen of this city. I’d rather to see rate payers money spent on other stuff like having lots of street cleaners considering the amount of rubbish that is on the streets of Dunedin.

  2. Hi Ralph

    Of course these people are light-years ahead of the cowboys “designing” the Forsyth Barrstad stadium where old-hat is new to them. They haven’t got enough money to fit the place out properly. I don’t know whether they now have any energy-saving components with the stadium, but I stand to be corrected. Of course in the greater scheme of things the whole damn place is an energy wasting extravagance in terms of resources, not just financial.

  3. You all might want to consider the following, since you are hearing it daily.

    The concrete supports are prefabricated, pre-stressed castings that have taken months to cast, and produce for the stadium foundations.
    You can hear them being driven in daily.

    Many of you will not realise that to obtain full structural strength, that the concrete needs to cure. Usually Portland cement is around 8 months.
    So, using that logic, you will find that the pillars were cast, cured, assembled and transported before the Council made a ‘decision’ on construction of the stadium itself.

    Time to look at who gave these contracts, and to whom.

    Corruption should not go unpunished.

  4. Is anyone else being driven to distraction by the monotonous, rhythmic pounding at the stadium site?

    I’m ready to complain to the DCC, but I have my doubts whether this will be effective…

    Any better ideas?

  5. Yes I am also being being driven to the distraction by the rhythmic pounding at the stadium site.I could hear the rhythmic pounding when I was bikeing to the gym and I thought please put end to the rhythmic pounding which is starting to get very boring.

  6. I’m thinking of getting a can of white paint and writing something on the Leith Concourse wall … at low tide … seeing that the white wall is white washed with corruptchin.

  7. TO BammBamm are you that low, are you a criminal too! painting you mea graffiti. Why would you do that? Are you a criminal! a crook with nothing else to do.

    Another court appeal how far will it go this time, why dont you people let it go and find a job of some sort!

    its being built like it or not!

    and to damion the Dunedin streets are the most untidiest in the country some people dont believe it but it is the truth!

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