Forum for DCC criticism an instant internet hit

A new online group which says the Dunedin City Council has “lost the plot” has become an instant hit on the social networking site Facebook.

Full article: Membership up 1600 inside a week (now 2,400 and growing)

FaceBook Link: DCC Has Lost The Plot

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  1. The surfacing of this site is significant and if I was a pro-stadium councillor I’d be VERY worried. In the early days of STS we were painted as old fogey naysayers (it was never true, but the likes of struck off lawyer and city councillor, Michael Guest, promoted this nasty put down). Here we have a group of largely young people venting their anger and contempt for this council through Facebook. (Only four councillors deserve to stay, to be fair. They have at least worked hard to sort through issues to come before council.) The council has reaped what they have sown over the stadium, and other issues, where they have done what they liked and haven’t given a damn what the people of Dunedin have to say. “Consultation” has been a sham. Council CEO Jim Harland also has to take equal responsibility for the mess we are now in as a city. October 2010 can’t come quickly enough.

  2. hello
    im new on this forum….

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