DCC to get role on Highlanders board

Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland says it is “entirely appropriate” the council will appoint a director to a new-look Highlanders rugby board.

DCC will appoint director
McLauchlan confident he will keep his job

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  1. This DCC propping of the ORFU/NZRFU is really getting beyond the pail. As Gerry Eckhoff says in this week’s D Scene, the DCC are becoming their bankers. Trouble is the rugby industry continually makes withdrawals on our account. Deposits? What happens to the profits when they do very occasionally have a fuller house at Carisbrook? A direct return for the lenders (us)? No way. A few moteliers, restaurants and bars benefit from money spent, but outsiders only bring in real money for the one or two days a big game (very few now) is played here. Opportunity costs for us locals.

    Before we know it the council will be paying the Harlanders players extra to stay in Otago and not go to a better team elsewhere. Wouldn’t surprise me. The Auditor General wouldn’t blink an eyelid going on their past record.

  2. thought you guys would bring this up no suprises here. Highlands who who are they? bottom of the table no future same as Dunedin, I reckon move the highlands base to Invercargill or even Oamaru.

    you say about profits down in todays paper 16 bars and resturants have shut down in Dunedin that a huge number for a little town, it goes to show this place has no future but not now, i was talking to someone who was thinking of moving here boy did i turn his opinion around telling him how messy the streets are students like through eggs, and other sick stuff.

    How many more Dunedin businees will shut in the next we while will be intresting to see.

    Dunedin has no Future face it people get out while you can

  3. Why should any of the present directors keep their jobs? They were there when the ORFU got into its present mess. These same people would be less charitable with employees. in their own businesses. who didn’t perform.(They make excuses for factors allegedly out of their control). Still it doesn’t seem to work that way. Malcolm Farry stepped down a few weeks ago as a Highlanders director and he is responsible, as the key person, for pushing this stadium proposal along. The record on the ORFU doesn’t give you confidence,eh. All you need is blind faith as far as these people are concerned. There seem to be enough bunnies, among our decision makers, who have such faith.

  4. ‘bside’- Your sixteen bars and resturants have closed down for exactly the same reasons as bars and restaurants have always closed down; under the present economic circumstances there were too many of them to be individually viable. It’s the same reason why towns like St. Bathans, once awash with ‘boozers’, (or most West Coast towns), now have a single hostelry. Supply has shrunk to what has been found to be viable. No doubt, many people, especially in these days of food-obsession and its constant repetition ad nauseum on TV, would fancy themselves, as restraunteurs, just as in the days of the ‘Beatles’ so many teenagers simply ached, to own a ’boutique’ clothing outlet. If Dunedin has had way too many restaurants, (and far too few viable income generating ‘real’ businesses, as I feel it has), then the loss of sixteen eating-houses is simply a casualty of the laws of supply and demand, nothing more.

  5. Interesting how councillors and the mayor met with the business people affected by the changes in parking. Those same councillors and mayor didn’t extend that same courtesy to ratepayers upset by the cost of the stadium.


  6. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=104435654171&ref=ts

    This is a facebook group called “The DCC has lost the plot”.. The title says it all, really.

  7. Well done Chris,

    Great idea –

    now, if only the councillors would read it….

  8. Still an untidy city, I like the new parking system less cars in the city makes it easier for me to find a park so no problems. The council seems to have a money tree, they have gone a little bit to far but the Stadium is still going ahead, and to the fulla who bikes past the new stadium site being sick well first try taking a diffrent road dosent make me sick when i bike past.

    When will Dunedin become tidy so very messy gravel on the side of the roads, broken glass, rubbish every where. Very sad to see a city in decline. If this city was tider you would see an population increase!

    stated from the 2001 census

    “Dunedin City has 3.1% of the population of New Zealand. While the population of New Zealand has grown since 1991, the population of Dunedin City has declin”

    2006 is not out out highly likley to be a decline as well!

  9. Bside – Dunedin’s population is not in decline – 2006 census data has been available for the last two years and showed an 3.8% increase in population since 2001; current Statistics NZ estimates put the territorial local authority population at 122,900 and the urban area at around 115,000

  10. Oh my bad i was on the web side and said that it wasnt avaliable yet. But you dont even mention why the Dunedin Township is so untidy, I would take about 15000 of that number as most of them are students so total population is 107900 a really small town. Once i leave and i have heard of other people i know wanting to move but i managed to talk them out of it and staying where they are so im helping the city declin in population as there isnt much future here.

  11. Perhaps you should leave now – you’d be doing everyone a favour — not that judging by your comments here you have the life or employment skills to have a much of a future where ever you go.

  12. Hi Bside, Dunedin is in fact actually a fairly clean city compared to other large cities around the country and the world. Take a stroll in the streets of South Auckland, Hamilton or Christchurch and you will struggle to find a single fence, wall or shop which does not have grafitti all over it. Yes, the student area does get a little untidy at times with glass etc, but i can see wheelie bins making a huge difference – no animals tearing into rubbish bags and leaving a mess behind. As for the gravel you refer to, i presume this is just grit which evenitably ends up on the side of the road. Seriously, i think Dunedin would be second to only Wellington in NZ in terms of aesthetic value. The lovely old buildings, no grafitti, plenty of greenery, and the hilly nature provide nice views from many areas. Dunedin has so much going for it, and I’m stoked that the Stadium will be the first step in developing the waterfront, similar to Wellington, it would be great to eventually see cafes, restaraunts etc replacing the industiral buildings right around that area and out to Portsmouth Drive. Regards, Matty.

  13. Hi again

    To Oracle did i offend you in someway? Why are you saying such harsh comments that is childish what did i say about you that offended you. And if you think it offended me it didnt, and if it makes you feel better then so be it keep saying comments like that cause its only your self that is making you feel better. I will leave you with that thought Oracale and really are you offende by an opinion i have. I wont leave till my wife has finished studing then we will say our farwell.

    Matty_S I refer to Dunedin being messy as I have lived in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Invercargill and from my espernce in living in all these citys I can tell you that Dunedin is the most untidiest of them all not the graffiti but in terms of road rubbish, so much broken glass, glass bottles, plastic bottles, takeaway bags, and other forms of rubbish. The wheel bins are a good asset as for cats getting into them and ripping them up . you say greenery, Christchurch the garden city if you look from ontop of the port hills there are hundreds of trees infact many more then Dunedin has, Palmerston North the same. The reason I know Dunedin is messey is that I am a road Cyclist when i lived in lower hutt i road all over the region in total i got 2 punctures, went through only 1 set of tyres, Chrischurch lived for 2 1/2 years 1 puncture only replaced tyres as they got worn out no puncture marks from glass, Dunedin 7 punctures in 10 months number of puncture marks on both tyres of 30, so there are the facts that is why i say this city is very untidy.

    How did you come about thinking Dunedin was tidy where did you get your evidence from???

    will look forward to your response


  14. I have spent some time living in Auckland, Wellington, and regularly travelled to various other parts of the country on business and I don’t have any hard evidence apart from my own observations.
    Like I say, wheelie bins for all properties would solve a great deal of the general litter problems. Fly tipping could potentially become more of a problem, however, due to increases in landfill fees thanks to ETS and Waste Minimisation legislation (something i have made my feelings pretty clear on a few times on this website!). Really it comes down to consumer behaviour though, I don’t know why we tolerate products being sold with excessive and unnecessary pakaging, but hey, I’m getting way off topic now.
    Where do you cycle? Certainly parts of the central city would be less than ideal despite the litter, but you don’t have to go far for some good roads for cycling, especially out on the Taieri Plains. And try road cycling in Auckland, you’ll get abused by every second motorist who thinks you have no right to be there – must be the frustration of driving for over an hour to travel a distance of a few kilometres!!

  15. Come to think of it, Bside has pointed out some pertinent bits…

    Dunedin has litter, graffiti, students, grit, and uncontrolled animals who tear up rubbish bags –

    I’m thinking because we allow this unresolved untidiness to continue, we ratepayers don’t deserve a new stadium.

    Perhaps they should cease and desist on building the stadium. It seems obvious that we are not deserving….

    Let’s also remind them not to forget to take away all of their construction rubbish when they quit…

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