Hopes site eyesore may become sight for sore eyes

The white fence guarding the Forsyth Barr Stadium site could be turned into Dunedin’s largest work of art in an effort to ward off graffiti and vandalism.

Full article: Dunedin’s largest artwork to be?

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Graffiti to be targeted

The authors of anti-stadium slogans and depictions of Mayor Peter Chin appearing around Dunedin could find their work featuring on a new anti-graffiti database to be developed by the Dunedin City Council and police.

Full article: DCC given $53K to stop graffiti

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Losing the plot

Seldom has the Dunedin City Council been under such sustained opprobrium as at present. Every move seems to bring a torrent of criticism.

Full article: goodwill, once lost, is hard to reclaim

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Grass will grow in stadium

The success of an experiment designed to discover whether grass would grow under the roof of Forsyth Barr Stadium has its developers expecting there will be only limited restrictions on the stadium’s use.

Full article: Just don’t use it > once a week

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Forum for DCC criticism an instant internet hit

A new online group which says the Dunedin City Council has “lost the plot” has become an instant hit on the social networking site Facebook.

Full article: Membership up 1600 inside a week (now 2,400 and growing)

FaceBook Link: DCC Has Lost The Plot

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Tax implications for ORC in stadium

Otago Regional Council staff have been asked to look into the tax implications of the payments the council is making towards the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Full article: Potential tax advantages

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Underwriting should benefit Otago union

The Otago Rugby Football Union should be in a good position to produce revenue after two years of financial underwriting by its parent body, Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland said last night.

Full article: Highlanders to receive $ for 2 years

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Carisbrook fan drives his point home

Wayne Squire, of Dunedin, has been documenting daily progress at the Forsyth Barr Stadium construction site from his house bus for nearly two months.

Full article: Does not like what he sees

Also: Stadium piles plunging 10m into earth (+ video)

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DCC to get role on Highlanders board

Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland says it is “entirely appropriate” the council will appoint a director to a new-look Highlanders rugby board.

DCC will appoint director
McLauchlan confident he will keep his job

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Council says little as $2m ORFU loan expires

The term of the Otago Rugby Football Union’s $2 million loan from the Dunedin City Council ran out yesterday, but the sale of Carisbrook to the council appears to have taken care of the debt.
Full article here

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Stadium work going to plan

Carisbrook Stadium Trust officials are encouraged by the eight piles that have been driven successfully at the site of the stadium’s main south stand.

Full article: First baby steps OK

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