No Hide inquiry into stadium

Local Government minister Rodney Hide says he will be “keeping an eye” on issues around Forsyth Barr Stadium, but he will not be calling for a government inquiry.

Full article: Hide doesn’t Act

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  1. Rodney Hide had his eyes opened more about what has been going on. He was able to hear first hand about some of the stadium shenanigans instead of information being filtered by the decision makers down here and by his own bureaucrats.
    He may well want to keep an eye on things because he can’t plead ignorance once this scandal inevitably breaks nationwide. It only takes a whistleblower with some further damning information- besides what has already been revealed- before things really start to go belly up. Watch the ducking for cover, by all and sundry, when this happens.

  2. All Rodney cares about is getting ACT’s party vote above the 5% threshold. He will say whatever he thinks people want to hear until he achieves that, without actually changing anything. One the one had, he tells councils to stick to their knitting, while ‘his’ National-led government expects Auckland ratepayers to front up for Queens Wharf redevelopment for the benefit of RWC. You have more chance of changing the DCC’s mind, than you do of getting any help from Hide.

  3. You might have a point there Matty, but there is always hope that he follows through. Act try to keep National honest much as the Greens do to Labour. I am actually left of centre, but I happen to agree with some of what Rodney Hide is trying to achieve through reforming local government.Most particularly the use of referenda on major capital items/contentious issues that stray beyond the usual core service responsibilities of local government.I don’t agree with any privatising of local government services.

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