Stadium challenge questioned

A Queenstown man trying to stop Otago Regional Council funding for the Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin came up against a High Court judge who questioned many of his arguments yesterday.

Full article: Justice Lang – Mr Walker

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  1. Of course, this ODT article only presented one side. No mention is made of questioning by the judge of the ORC’s lawyer, Mr Logan with his case. One example. The judge asked him what the rationale was behind the argument that a ROOFED stadium made it a regional asset .Answer.No justification was forthcoming except the councillors believed it was so! He wasn’t convinced.
    Nothing was mentioned in the article about the arguments behind the ORC conditions of June 25, 2008 not all being met.
    Of course you will always get the knockers who question a man who has had the pluck to do what he thinks is right and question his right as a citizen to take his case to a court of law to be tested.

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