Mayor Chin and Bev Butler – video

2009 Instigator 02 – Stadium
Watch Video (duration 7′36″)

Aired on Channel 9 on Friday 1st May.

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  1. Thanks to Luke at Channel 9 for getting this put online.
    Great interview, Bev, you were as eloquent and convincing as ever…

    M. Chin on the other hand, uh, um, hmm, uh, – is it true he used to be a lawyer? If so, how did he ever argue his cases?

    P.S. Nice look to the website =)

  2. Mr Chin is in la-la land. Have you noticed he can never look directly at the camera.

    • I have noticed that as well when I have seen Mr Chin on the Ch9 news. Where Chin doesn’t look directly at camera and must think of ways on how to make Dunedin poor when this city is in massive debt already.

  3. Anyone else noticed that the ODT is advertising a prize draw – a giveaway of 2 tickets to every event in the new stadium for a whole year!

    I wonder who was the donor of these season tickets?

  4. I have also that as well in the ODT the draw for two tickets at the stadium for every event that is to be held in the stadium.That is good question about who is the donor of the season ticket s for the stadium.

  5. Why does it matter where the doner for the seats are coming the fact of the matter is that the stadium is being built as we speak, there is no chance of stoping it, so best thing for the Dunedin people is to get over your selfs and let Dunedin grow to a prospering city as it is currently lacking international events that this stadium will bring

    also why are dunedin people so negitive its like they look down on anything that comes to dunedin and everything is a bad idea why do you think like this its weird

    • What planet are you from? Oh, it’s just the odd 2 or 300 million dollars, enough to buy a brand new Boeing 747, and for what? A few hours of rugby? All that when we have a stadium that only recently had a few million spent on doing it up.! Any other takers? Oh, some act that might just fill the Regent. Which has plenty over the stadium, it’s got seats with squabs, even got backs on it. Oh, and it actually has character to add to the experience. (I saw a world renowned band play in the Regent, and there was seats left). Anyway, I realise there are people out there who have an aversion to such merits that make up this city. A child could think of 100 far more inventive, creative and adventurous ways. The word prosper might even come to light. Negative? Constructively cynical actually, its’ all rather obvious really, unless you think a covered stadium is the be all and end all to a city that is renowned for heritage and scenery, so needs to enlarge upon that instead. It’s hardly rocket science.

      As for mayor Chin, his hamhanded cowboy tactics and goofy pose by the excavator in his fatuous theatrical gesture say it all. Spoilt rich old boys with big toys.

      BTW, might pay you use spellcheck.

  6. In answer to your answer your question, it matters because…

    if tickets are being supplied by the CST, they are being ‘donated’ and paid for by ratepayer funding,

    if they come from the Otago Stadium, again, they are ratepayer funded,

    if they have been provided by someone else, well that’s a different story…

    Consider this –

    What’s it worth to you to have to the chance to win 2 stadium season tickets to an unknown number of unknown events? Would you agree it’s worth $200 million?

    Contrary to the spin, building a stadium will not reverse the recession. Sure, it may provide jobs for a minority of construction workers, but there are hundreds of people in Dunedin who have lost their jobs due to business closures and redundancies. These unemployed people will gain nothing from this thing being built.

    So, how much are you willing to shell out to have a new stadium? It really bothers me that people kick around the term “millions” like it is pennies. Get real. Borrowing that kind of money for a vanity project is NOT going to ‘let Dunedin grow into a prospering city…’ Someone please explain to me how going into debt for the next 20+ years will induce prosperity?

    Building a stadium will not revitalize the city. Instead, it has effectively divided our city. That is blatantly obvious, even to the Aucklanders.

    So – yes, it does matter to me where the tickets come from. I live in Dunedin and I pay rates already.
    Why should I also have to pay for some trumped-up prize-giving when my money has already been spent to help bankroll the CST, and all its travel, catering, advertising, feasibility studies, and even that cute miniature model of the proposed stadium.

    I expect value for money, but have yet to see any value in this project.

    If you were a ratepayer you might be thinking a bit more clearly. Who would not be concerned about spending the next two decades paying off something that most of us don’t want. But then again, with the current building site difficulties it may not even get that far…one can only hope.

    There are lots of good things happening in Dunedin, they just don’t involve unbridled spending or rugby.

    When the shadowy private funding turns into solid, cold hard cash, along with the sale of schoolgirl novelty sox, and these funds cover the costs of proposed stadium…when I am not saddled with paying for this beast, only then I will back off.

    On that fine day, all of the stadium supporters can frolic in glee, and live out their fantasies to their heart’s content under that tin shed frame. Until that happens, sorry, I have a right to say how other people spend my hard-earned money.

  7. Everone has opinion the right to say how they feel and if that is how you feel and Paul you seem a little angree as to an opinion, I would hate to get on your bad side.

    As to the Stadium jobs will be created, jobs will be also created for the events to run the sports games and even other items. It will even be used as a civil defence center if the case need be and I know someone is going say that a tshunami will come up the harbour and destroy it so ive said it for you and that could happen but the point is that it has more then 1 purpose. I here people around the world are calling it a place to come to in the future once it is built.

    I personaly think the way you have gone about stoping the stadium is wrong it may be ok to with hold your rates but how long are you going do that for?

    The court appeals you have gone to what suceess have they had? it got through out in the injunction, the latest one i cant rember clearly but i rember nothing came out of it.

    So all in all what have you achieved ask you selfs that Question in this whole shambles that this has created what have you achieved?

    Im not saying this to stire people up it will assist Dunedin and bring people back to Dunedin if i was a visitor why visit Dunedin what is there that a tourist would atchally wana do, there is the train ride, the albatros the senice bike ride down the harbour bar the bad drivers, what else the old buildings, not to much else the butterflys there is a bit but these tourist are only a portion of what a city can be, bring in a stadium more major sporting events world class events even and you have a better tourism sector in Dunedin.

    I think doing this is great and good on you for trying but the fact is its happning its all go they may have problems constructing but what construction dosent come with its problems.

    So once again good on ya all for trying.

    Maybe if Bev got a real heaircut people would take her seriously!

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