Council stadium letter “propaganda”

A letter to residents explaining the Dunedin City Council’s stance on the Forsyth Barr Stadium has been labelled “disappointing” and “propaganda” by Stop The Stadium president Bev Butler.

Full article: DCC’s response to 538 submissions against the stadium

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Stadium to cost ratepayers $261m

Construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin will cost ratepayers at least $261 million, updated figures confirm.

Full article: The beginning of what we always feared

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Subsidising rugby

Will the DCC be able to prove it negotiated a good deal in buying Carisbrook or has it been overly favourable to the Otago Rugby Football Union?

Full article: Subsidising rugby

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Finding CEO could take 6 months

It may take up to six months to fill the Carisbrook Stadium Trust chief executive position, but the delay was in large part to do with finding the right person for the job, chairman Malcolm Farry said.

Full article: Hard to find white elephant wallah

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Carisbrook difficult to value

A reasonable figure for the sale of Carisbrook is proving difficult to pin down, but a reported estimate of $4 million from a property valuer has been dismissed as too low.

Full article: $7M for workable stadium vs $198M+ for money sink

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No Hide inquiry into stadium

Local Government minister Rodney Hide says he will be “keeping an eye” on issues around Forsyth Barr Stadium, but he will not be calling for a government inquiry.

Full article: Hide doesn’t Act

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Carisbrook deal believed to be $7m

The Dunedin City Council will be handed the keys to Carisbrook within weeks in a deal believed to be worth $7 million to the Otago Rugby Football Union.

Full article: DCC buys Carisbrook

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DCC Bails Out Otago Rugby

The Dunedin City Council has admitted that a reason that the DCC is buying Carisbrook is to resolve Otago Rugby’s financial situation.

Full article: Jim Harland, Chief Exec, DCC replies to Calvin Oaten

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Hide issues plan for compulsory council referendums

Rodney Hyde has produced a discussion document suggesting local councils could be forced to hold referendums if they want to spend money on non-core activities.
Says councils going beyond the basics should be held accountable.
Michael Laws highly supportive.
Many examples mentioned – bar Dunedin!
(duration: 10′26″)
Ogg Vorbis

Also in the ODT: Local councils should curb spending – Hide

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Hearing date for stadium

Stop the Stadium has announced a date for its pending Court of Appeal action against the $198 million Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Full article: 18-Aug-2009

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Incisive leadership

The sight of Dunedin city councillors wallowing in crocodile tears on Tuesday as they completed what is likely to be their last debate on the rates rise for the coming financial year was disappointing and disturbing.

Full editorial arcticle: Incisive leadership

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Stadium challenge questioned

A Queenstown man trying to stop Otago Regional Council funding for the Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin came up against a High Court judge who questioned many of his arguments yesterday.

Full article: Justice Lang – Mr Walker

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