104 ratepayers delay payment as stadium protest

The number of Dunedin ratepayers that have heeded the call to delay their rates payments in a protest against the Forsyth Barr Stadium project has risen to 104.

Full article: Rates withheld

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  1. There were thousands of people at the Town Hall meeting where we were exhorted to withhold our rates. Why do you think so few people (comparatively) have done so?

  2. It is actually difficult to ascertain the real uptake of the rates protest because it will not be clear till the end of June. Aside from that, energy and finances have been directed to the Court of Appeal rather than advertising and promoting the rates revolt. STS is not rate-payer funded (like the CST) to do whatever it wants!

  3. An excerpt from former Mayor Sukhi Turner’s speech at the Town Hall attended by 1800 people:

    “If the public will is being ignored and our representatives will not listen to reason, we are justified to take serious action. Many already feel the injustice of ballooning oppressive local taxes for a project that is not required by the vast majority of our citizens.
    In the 1920s in then British India, Mahatma Gandhi famously led Indians in the civil disobedience movement, protesting against the British-imposed salt taxes. The Indians believed taxes on a staple food were an oppressive action and were not prepared to accept it. Ghandi led a march to the sea, and was joined along the way by tens of thousands of people. Sixty thousand were jailed for their efforts. This action started the road to India’s Independence. Millions of Indians joined this non-violent, non-cooperation movement. Gandhi said “Non- Co-operation with injustice is a sacred duty.”
    I urge you to do the same!
    Please refer to the pamphlet that was handed out this evening. This is a guide to a simple, effective method of opposing the massive spend up on the Stadium Project. This action has been confirmed by Otago University’s Dean of the Law Faculty- Mark Henaghan as a no risk, low cost means of protesting to the DCC and the ORC.
    The action that you take is this:

    • The proposed average increase in residential rates for the Stadium next year is $66 per annum
    • To make Council take notice of your concerns simply withhold that $66
    • If you pay quarterly this means you deduct $16.50 from each instalment
    • Yes, this portion will attract the 10% annual penalty of $6.60*
    • But we think that there is no cheaper or more effective way of delivering a serious message to Council

    Tell your friends and family! We must not feel impotent. Direct action is required if the Council continues to ignore the wishes of the vast majority of Dunedin Citizens. The more people who take action, the more effective it will be.”

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