10 Facts

Ten facts about the proposed stadium

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  1. We are told the Stadium will cost Dunedin households an average of $66 per year. But, this does not include the ongoing use of rate-payers funds from Council owned companies. We predict the real average cost per household is a minimum of $268 per year for 20 years (Calculations News (PDF, 28KB). Cost overruns will be paid directly from increased rates or increased charges such as water metering.
  2. We are told the anticipated cost of the stadium has not escalated despite the cost of steel rising sharply. Do you know that the Stadium design has already been modified because of rising costs. Do you know the design does not protect ordinary spectators from the cold or wind?
  3. We are told this is a joint venture with the University. This is misleading. The University will only pay for the land it will use for its own building. The Stadium supporters never lose an opportunity to pretend it is a joint venture in order to give this project credibility.
  4. We are told the Stadium will bring more students to Dunedin. This is unlikely as the way students are funded by the Government means the University cannot afford more students than it already has even if they wanted to come.
  5. We are told the Stadium will be multi-functional: Promotional groups have stated clearly that they will not bring events to Dunedin with or without a covered venue. We do not have the numbers. This was confirmed in a Peer review.
  6. We are told the Stadium will come in on budget: However, the independent peer-review said that view was based on too many exclusions of necessary items (News PDF, 364KB). Some experts are saying the cost could double.
  7. We are told the costs can be pinned down by a contract: This is not true. Experts in the field say that contracts like this are all but impossible to pin down. There will be inevitable building surprises and alterations which will end the original contract . Building contractors are well aware of this when they first enter an agreement.
  8. We are told this is no different than Moana Pool which has been a great benefit to the city: This is misleading. A similar pool has recently been built in Central Otago for $22 million dollars. Not only is that a tiny fraction of what is being proposed for the Stadium – its use is affordable by all and used every day, all day – unlike the proposed Stadium.
  9. We are told this Stadium will save our city: We say the opposite is true. It will hamstring other projects and activities for two decades. It will make Dunedin a less desirable place to live.
  10. We are told the ‘silent majority’ is behind this project: our Councillors have been ignoring petitions signed by over 6,000 residents and submissions running 12 to one against the Stadium proposal. We need a scientific random selection poll of opinion. Help us fund that.


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